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As CFO Coach and Consultants, we equip women-owned enterprises with strategic tools that improve

their decision making and boost their bottom line with our strategic planning framework.


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Are you tired making money in your business but not seing  t in your bank account? You maybe lacking a financial foundation. Our SMART Roadmap helps you gain clarity on your business, finances and helps you set a good financial footing. 


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Find  out how a S.M.A.R.T Money Plan can boost your business, helping you to meet your goals and build profitable company. 

What our clients are saying...

Arnesha's training and advice is very helpful. If you are an Entrepreneur experiencing any trouble with running your systems consider working with Arnesha. 

Latoya Cooper

Arnesha's passion for this is everything and she truly empowers her clients to understand how to handle their money not only for tax season but for better overall revenue.

Quinteria Moss

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  • A guided workbook with an end-of-topic action plan to help you review the topic and implement strategies for your business right away.

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  • Downloadable Resources.

  • Access mobile, tablet, and TV.

  • End of course assignments.

  • Post - course resources

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